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JAIT is centered around the idea of new and emerging IT advancements geared towards finding solutions in tackling the problems and challenges that we face in the 21st century. This necessitates a forward-looking and multidisciplinary/convergent approach and aims at harnessing advances in computing and IT both to improve our everyday life in a multitude of ways and to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The published articles would immediately demonstrate ‘useful’ research. All papers will be blind reviewed and accepted papers will be published in online version (open access).


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02Performance of Machine Learning Techniques in Anomaly Detection with Basic Feature Selection Strategy - A Network Intrusion Detection System
Md. Badiuzzaman Pranto, Md. Hasibul Alam Ratul, Md. Mahidur Rahman, Ishrat Jahan Diya, and Zunayeed-Bin Zahir
05IoT-Based Garbage Container System Using NodeMCU ESP32 Microcontroller
Anthony Anggrawan, Sirojul Hadi, and Christofer Satria
06Chronic Kidney Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning
Chamandeep Kaur, M. Sunil Kumar, Afsana Anjum, M. B. Binda, Maheswara Reddy Mallu, and Mohammed Saleh Al Ansari*


Can I submit an abstract?
The journal publishes full research papers. So only full paper submission should be considered for possible publication. Papers with insufficient content may be rejected directly in preview process. 

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